Kenco Premium

Kenco Rich

Premium blend for intense richness

If you prefer a little more body to your coffee, reach for our Kenco Rich. We take the finest Arabica beans - noted for their full bodied and lively taste - and add just a touch of tangy acidity. The result is a full, rich coffee with an irresistible aroma.

Also available in Eco Refill packs. Enjoy your favourite Kenco taste – with 97% less packaging weight*.

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Kenco Premium

One Rich, one Smooth and one Decaff – like three old friends. But now our wonderful tasting coffee comes in striking new 100g and 200g jars.

Coffee Made Happy

Every cup of delicious Kenco coffee is from Coffee Made Happy. The project is a $200 million programme with a simple vision – Help one million smallholder coffee farmers become successful entrepreneurs by 2020.

Making great coffee

From cherries to granules – find out how the high-quality beans become your favourite cup of coffee.

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