Kenko 3in1 & 2in1

Kenco 3in1

Smooth white coffee with sugar

All you need for a complete cup of delicious coffee. With Kenco 3in1 sachets, you can make your coffee just the way you like it - in an instant. What could be better when you’re on the go? Just add hot water and a mug.

White with sugar? Then it’s 3in1 for you. A blend of Kenco coffee, whitener and sugar makes a smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced cup of coffee, every time.

Kenco 3in1 & 2in1

There’s instant, and then there’s really instant. Our 3in1 and 2in1 sachets give you a complete cup of white coffee, with or without sugar, in a moment. 

Coffee Made Happy

Every cup of delicious Kenco coffee is from Coffee Made Happy. The project is a $200 million programme with a simple vision – Help one million smallholder coffee farmers become successful entrepreneurs by 2020.

Making great coffee

From cherries to granules – find out how the high-quality beans become your favourite cup of coffee.

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