Kenko 3in1 & 2in1

Kenco 3in1

Smooth white coffee with sugar

All you need for a complete cup of delicious coffee. With Kenco 3in1 sachets, you can make your coffee just the way you like it - in an instant. What could be better when you’re on the go? Just add hot water and a mug.

White with sugar? Then it’s 3in1 for you. A blend of Kenco coffee, whitener and sugar makes a smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced cup of coffee, every time.

Kenco 3in1 & 2in1

There’s instant, and then there’s really instant. Our 3in1 and 2in1 sachets give you a complete cup of white coffee, with or without sugar, in a moment. 

Coffee Made Happy

Kenco is part of Coffee Made Happy. This programme helps to make coffee farming profitable, sustainable as well as attractive to the next generation of farmers.

Making great coffee

From cherries to granules – find out how the high-quality beans become your favourite cup of coffee.

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