We love the delicious taste of Kenco Duo but if we haven't given you that magical taste
experience this time, please fill out this form telling us why, and we'll give you your
money back. Terms and conditions apply.





Upload a photo of your receipt (back and front if applicable) and a photo of the purchased
promotional pack showing the promotional sticker.

The receipt must clearly show the product name, purchase price and date of purchase.

The receipt must be in good condition, not damaged or in pieces.

Photograph the receipt on a flat surface and not angled.

Both images should be clear and in focus, not obscured by any objects.
The photo of the pack you upload clearly shows it's promotional pack.

Each image maximum size 2Mb
Image format: .jpg, .gif, .png.

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Full T&C’s apply. Claim limited to one Kenco Duo product displaying a promotional sticker per household. Claim must be made between 1st February 2021 and 31st August 2021. To claim a refund (max. £3.50) visit www.Kenco.co.uk/Loveus. Complete the online form with your details, a statement (min 15 words) outlining what you dislike about this product. Upload a photo of your till receipt and promotional pack. Payment by bank transfer only. Over 18’s only. Internet access required.