Kenco Cappuccino & Caffè Latte

Now you can create a warm and deeply satisfying cappuccino or café latte with just the help of your kettle. Ready to savour in seconds. 

Coffee for everyone

For some people it has to be smooth. Others like it rich and fruity. However you like your coffee, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Kenco. We’ve delicious blends of coffee, pure coffee from a single country, expertly blended decaff, creamy cappuccino or caffé latte, and our brand new wholebean instant – the closest thing to proper coffee in an instant. So what will it be?

Coffee vs Gangs

For the second year, Kenco is offering a group of young people a chance of a better life, by training them to become independent coffee farmers with the skills to grow great quality beans.

Making great coffee

From cherries to granules – find out how the high-quality beans become your favourite cup of coffee.

Talk about great coffee

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