Passionate about sustainability

There’s more to your favourite cup of Kenco coffee than the great taste. In fact, every single cup you drink has a positive influence in rainforests thousands of miles away – helping coffee-growing communities and their environment.

Choosing Kenco can also have a positive effect closer to home, thanks to our Eco Refills. The less we can all send to landfill, the better for our own environment.

Our Eco Refills

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the rainforest. Our Eco Refill packs reduce the amount of packaging we generate by a mighty 97%*. Once you’ve bought one Kenco jar, you never need to buy another – a jar for life, if you like!

*Per gram of coffee, compared to our jars.

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The story behind our beans

Meet the Kenco team and the people of El Salvador's farming community

Coffee Made Happy

Every cup of delicious Kenco coffee is from Coffee Made Happy. The project is a $200 million programme with a simple vision – Help one million smallholder coffee farmers become successful entrepreneurs by 2020.


How can you turn your empty Eco Refills into remarkable
new products? Just send them to TerraCycle.

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