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Kenco Rich

If you prefer a little more body to your coffee, reach for our Kenco Rich. We take the finest Arabica beans - noted for their full bodied and lively taste - and add just a touch of tangy acidity. The result is a full, rich coffee with an irresistible aroma.

Also available in Eco Refill packs. Enjoy your favourite Kenco taste – with 97% less packaging weight*.  
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Why have we redesigned our classic glass jar?
We’re just as committed to sustainability as you are, so we’ve reduced the amount of glass used in our jars by 7% – and given them a fabulous new look at the same time! We’ve not changed our iconic jar for over 20 years, so feel it is time to give our packaging a well deserved make over.
Will the flavour of the coffee change?
We know how much you love the great taste and flavour of Kenco coffee, so we haven’t changed it in any way.
Do the new jars contain less coffee?
We’re totally committed to reducing the environmental impact of making and packaging high-quality coffee – without reducing the amount of coffee per jar. So you’ll find just as much delicious coffee in both the 100g and 200g jars.
*Per gram of coffee compared to our jars.
Kenco Premium Rich